It’s a new year, and big things are happening around San Antonio! In particular our friends at Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar (formerly known as Pinch Crawfish Kitchen) are making moves into their brick and mortar this year.

Pinch crawfish

Courtesy of Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar

Pinch is creating a restaurant that will have a youthful and rebellious vibe with bold colors to match the flavors of the food you will be able to taste.

Co-founder Sean Wen describes the new restaurant as  “a true “come-as-you-are” place where people can enjoy a fun eating experience — as well as enjoy the company of the people around them.”

Pinch crab

Courtesy of Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar

Pinch has created a community around their food, and is excited to continue to grow this community at their new restaurant located at 124 N. Main.

“It’s about creating a space where any person can come in and feel a part of something special — a part of something they helped create.” Wen said.

Courtesy of Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar

If you have been to one of Pinch’s pop-up boils in 2016 and crave their garlic butter sauce, you’re in luck. Pinch will be introducing even more savory signature Southeast Asian inspired dishes to the menu at their new restaurant.

Pinch Boil and Bia Bar is set to open in downtown San Antonio April 2017! Check their website for updates on the opening!