Painting With A Twist steps Whether you are a Picasso or have to draw stick figures (like me), Painting With A Twist can bring out your inner artist. These painting studios encourage you to snack, sip, and chat while the instructor walks you, step by step, through one of the hundreds of pieces you can choose from. It is the perfect activity for a girl’s night or date, but what made it even better was the location! You guessed it, Artisans’ Alley. Painting With A Twist canvas As for the format of the classes, most are 2 hours and $35 with a handful of $45 classes that last 3 hours. This means plenty of time to mingle, sip, and enjoy. Your instructor will help you throughout the class but they also allow some flexibility for those who are more comfortable. Classes can reach up to about 40 people but are typically smaller. My class was at 2 p.m. and had 9 people. They also welcome private parties of 15 or more, which would be great for something like a bachelorette party. Painting With A Twist treats Whenever I heard someone saying Painting With A Twist I thought of bringing a bottle of wine, which sounds great, but you should know that the “Twist” includes bringing anything you like! I stopped at Copalli Cafe for a smoothie, a few women at our table brought slushies from Sonic, and another table had cheeses and hummus to go with their wine. The more you bring to eat or drink, the merrier! Painting With A Twist finished Since alcoholic beverages are usually associated with the classes people tend to forget that there are also kids and teen classes available. They also offer specialty classes such as paint your pet (submit a picture of your furry friend and they’ll help you paint them) or painting with a purpose (50% of registration fees go to charity).

Classes start as early as 10 a.m. on Saturdays and the last class throughout the week begins at 7 p.m.