PaciugoThe holidays are a time for family, friends, and gelato. Even San Antonio gets cold some days which is why and Paciguo Gelato and Caffe created some gelato inspired items to keep you warm this season. No, you didn’t read the title wrong. There will be a gelato donut.

PaciugoPaciugoAre you familiar with an affogato? Traditionally, an affogato is a coffee-based dessert made up of an espresso and vanilla ice cream. At Paciugo, affogatos are taken to a whole new level with your choice of two to three different gelato flavors to pair with your espresso! We chose mint chocolate chip, wedding cake and amaretto chocolate chip gelato. Top it with whipped cream and you have an amazing, after dinner dessert – or after lunch dessert. No judgement here!

PaciugoPaciugo made its way into our hearts with its gelato filled macaroons, but now they serve vanilla gelato in-between two thick slices of cookie dough. We couldn’t choose which one we loved more.

PaciugoIf a cookie dough gelato sandwich seems to cold for you, we recommend the eggnog gelatte. Paciugo melts eggnog gelato and then uses it in place of milk in your latte. Not only are we obsessed with the name gelatte, but the entire concept. Delicious and only $4.79! Other flavors include peppermint gelatte or peppermint hot chocolate.

PaciugoWe’ve made it to the donut gelato, or the creamy panini as Paciugo calls its newest menu item. First, Paciugo takes a donut, smooths it over with Nutella, adds a bit of crunch to it, puts in your favorite flavor of gelato and places it in a panini press. The result is pure happiness inside a donut topped with powdered sugar. By some culinary magic (or science?) the gelato doesn’t melt immidieately. It lasts long enough for you to snap a few photos and dig into the most delicious dessert we’ve come across this season.

Paciugo Gelato and Caffe is located in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center at 999 E. Basse Rd. Gelato flavors include cookies’n milk, dulce de leche, chocolate black cherry swirl, and tons of other unique flavors to create your ultimate gelato dessert.

Are you excited to try the creamy panini?