noodles-5740Tucked away in a shopping center on Bandera Road is Kung Fu Noodle, an authentic noodle house that reflects a more traditional approach to Chinese food. The interior is plain, but comforting, with wooden tables and stools lining the walls.

noodles-5742noodles-5751noodles-5753Kung Fu Noodle, located at 6733 Bandera Rd., features noodle dishes, dumplings and buns. The spicy, red dish above is the handmade noodles with lamb. Every bite of lamb was tender and the handmade noodles were thick in width and soaked up the broth perfectly. This was my first time trying handmade noodles and I know it will be hard to go back to stretched (thin) noodles.

Four combinations of dumplings are featured on the menu – pork and mushroom, beef, pork and celery, and pork and chives. We ordered the pork and mushroom dumplings and dipped them into soy sauce as well a bit a Sriracha creating a wonderful combination of the meat, mushrooms and spiciness.

The second noodle dish we ordered was the sweet potato noodles with beef. I have to admit, I expected a completely different dish. The noodles were clear, not orange or yellow as I had pictured them in my mind. The only other ingredients were beef and Chinese cabbage, and that’s all it needed. Less truly is more at Kung Foo.

noodles-5745Unlike most menus we come across, Kung Fu specializes on very specific dishes and the prices caused me to stare at the menu for an abnormal amount of time. $1 buns. $1! Where do you see this now days?! The Chinese buns didn’t have any filling, it was merely steamed bread, but the texture was indescribable. It soaked up the noodle broth beautifully. The pork and cabbage buns were overflowing with pork, diced cabbage and an array of delicious spices. Because the buns are only served on Tuesday and Wednesday, I highly recommend visiting Kung Fu Noodles on one of these days and ordering as many buns as you’d like. Even after the two I had during my meal, I took three home for dinner. A $3 dinner – yes. Oh, did I mention the price of the noodles and dumplings? $6.99 per dish.

noodles-5759The dishes at Kung Fu Noodle are plain. Nothing fancy, no garnishes, and they don’t need it. The food redefines amazing Chinese cuisine.