The Shops at Broadway News continues to impress us with their array of boutiques. Along with the addition of Chic’tique and Grey Moon Vintage this year, Nina Berenato opened up shop in a re-furbished 1959 airstream. Designer Nina Berenato’s inspiration comes from the desire to create jewelry that makes women feel empowered and capable of anything. We could feel the positive vibes as we stepped into the trailer door.

nina-berenato-san-antonio-2Stepping into the 1959 airstream was comparable to stepping inside a modern, minimal and miniature boutique. The interior of the airstream didn’t fight to steal the spotlight of the beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Each unique piece delicately rests upon vintage antiques — contrasting the beauty of both new and old, perhaps? Whatever the inspiration was, it’s an alluring setup.

nina-berenato-san-antonioThe first pieces that caught my eye were the rows of handmade rings in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The Ego Arrow Ring (pictured above) is seen as a recognition of self. Point it outwards to remind yourself there is more than just self or point it towards yourself to reflect internally. I love how each piece of jewelry has a story behind it. I feel it gives each piece so much more internal power and it’s no longer just an adornment.

nina-berenato-san-antonio-6Pictured above is the Eland Horn Cuff. As seen on Nina Berenato Jewelry:

“This bracelet is inspired by the Dutch discovery of a new tribe when they began to settle in southern Africa in the 17th century. They called the indigenous hunter-gatherers the San. Awareness of the special relationship between the San and one type of antelope, the eland, has been heightened by rock art research. The Drakensberg Mountains, in Lesotho, contain one of the greatest concentrations of prehistoric rock paintings in the world. The San have noted that when an eland is pursued, it sweats more than any animal; this sweat, like the sweat of a medicine man, is considered by the San to contain the highest power.”

It’s quite a hypnotic piece. The cuff is adjustable and handcrafted made in Austin by an all female team of makers.

nina-berenato-san-antonio-4If you’re searching for one-of-a-kind jewelry that will class up any outfit in your closet and inspire you on a daily basis, look no further.

Shop Nina Berenato Jewelry at 2202 Broadway or 11601 Century Oaks Ter. in ATX. The airstream is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.