Mobile OM class on Hay Street BridgeMobile Om is taking yoga practice outside the walls of a studio and into the world. Mobile Om takes the practice of yoga to the people of San Antonio to places like the 1221 Lofts, Hays Street Bridge, the Mana House, Rosella, Geekdom and other unique locations. We met up with Cassandra Fauss, founder and yoga instructor at Mobile Om, on the Hays Street Bridge to find out more about this inspiring concept.

Mobile OM class on Hay Street Bridge20SA: What was your inspiration for creating Mobile Om?
CF: I moved to San Antonio four years ago from Dallas and when I first moved here, I couldn’t find yoga that I enjoyed or a studio I could call home. I had an epiphany one day that I should take the concept of food trucks and apply it to yoga; break down the walls of the studio and take yoga out to the people and make it something fun that people want to do.

20SA: Why San Antonio?
CF: Once I started getting into the downtown culture and realized it was on this tipping point of so much growth, I saw it as a really great opportunity. I started making friends with other entrepreneurs and young people who had visions for the city to really grow and it happened very organically, very naturally.

Mobile OM20SA: Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?
CF: I really love practicing yoga on the bridge (Hays Street Bridge) because, even during the summer when it’s really hot outside, there’s always a really nice breeze. Plus, you can’t beat the view. I love doing yoga outdoors. I really connect with the outdoors and the fresh air. I also like the real life application of being here (on the bridge) and the distractions of the music and the bikes going by and trains going underneath and seeing if you can still find your center.

20SA: What would you say to people who are nervous about coming to their first class?
CF: The first thing I would tell people is to embrace being a beginner. I always hear people say “I’m not flexible”, but actually the less flexible you are, the easier yoga is. Yoga starts when you feel sensation and if it’s easy for you to find that point of sensation, then it’s easy to be really present in the practice. A beginners mind is so pure- embrace it.

20SA: Do you plan on opening another Mobile Om?
CF: One goal of mine is to open a home base where I can do teacher training and translate the idea of Mobile Om into a brick and mortar where I can bring in food trucks and have different socials afterwards. I also would love to franchise Mobile Om out to other cities and see how that would expand.

20SA: Any upcoming events?
CF: We have a really exciting event coming up on April 19th at the Alamo Beer Company. We’re bringing the Wanderlust vibe to the event. Wanderlust is a yoga and music festival so we’re going to have live music and yoga and then food trucks and beer afterwards. Everything will be fiesta themed!

Mobile OMIf you’re interested in practicing yoga with Mobile Om, please visit and don’t forget about Mobile Om’s upcoming event on Sunday, April 19th from 10 a.m. to noon at the Alamo Beer Company!

Where do you want Mobile Om to take you?