Big Daddy's Eats & TreatsWe’ve seen photos of the amazing concoctions coming out of Big Daddy’s Eats & Treats all over social media and our mouths have been watering ever since. This weekend we finally made it over to Big Daddy’s, located at 228 Cevallos Street, and were finally introduced to these tasty treats firsthand.

Big Daddy’s isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t have to be. The line stretched out to the fence and it took a total of 20 minutes to order and receive our treats. Honestly, I was expecting an hour wait, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Big Daddy's Eats & Treats MangonadaWhen Jacqueline and I first looked over the menu, we immediately turned to each other? What’s a fresanada? What’s a mangonada? What’s a picca? Piccas? The photos gave you a tiny amount of insight into what each treat was, but we were still quite confused. If you haven’t visited Big Daddy’s yet, we’re glad you’re here so we can give you a quick rundown on the menu so you won’t look as confused as we did!

Mangonada – fresh mangos pureed until they are the consistency of ice cream and covered in red chamoy.

Mangodilly – a mangonada with pickles and lots of chamoy.

Mangohill – a mangonada surrounded by cucumbers, drenched in chamoy.

Mangobear – a mangonada with gummy bears throughout the entire treat. Oh yes, and lots of chamoy and lucas.

Big Daddy's Eats & Treats MangonadaThat’s the basis of the menu at Big Daddy’s Eats & Treats. Fresanadas have all the same combinations as the mangonadas, but instead it’s fresh, pureed strawberries.

Big Daddy's Eats & TreatsPiccas are shaved ice with cherry cool-aid, cherry syrup, red chamoy and lucas. Piccabears have an incredible amount of gummy bears inside and onto of the shaved ice and picadillys are topped off with pickles.

The blue dream is coconut ice cream with blue coconut syrup.

Big Daddy's Eats & TreatsI ordered the piccabear while Jacqueline ordered the classic mangonada. I was quite jealous of her mangonada. The consistency was amazing and perfect on a hot day. This isn’t to say I didn’t demolish my piccabear, because I totally did. Every time I dipped my spoon into the raspa, I found more gummy bears.

All of the photos of treats from Big Daddy’s that we’d seen all over the internet led us to an amazing, outdoor, modernized ice cream man. We’ll definitely be back when we’re craving chamoy and mangos. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, Big Daddy’s also has shaved ice with numerous different flavors.