The Ginger Snap, Mississippi Mud Pie Donut

Mississippi Mud Pie

We sat down with Halee Edwards of The Ginger Snap  at Paramour Bar yesterday and learned about her inspiration for her unique donuts. If you haven’t seen her donuts on her Instagram, you might need to get an Instagram. We will fill you in on her what she bakes up and where you can get your hands on them in San Antonio.

The Ginger Snap, Sopapilla Donut


Twenty Something SA: Tell us about yourself.
Halee Edwards: I was born here in San Antonio and did a lot of traveling. My parents are military, my husband is British. That is when I really started baking when I was just sitting at home didn’t really have anything to do because I was a visitor. So It all started there. I started a blog there, and that’s kind of where it began.

20SA: What’s your inspiration for your culinary creations?
HE: I’d say my inspiration is definitely Blue Star in Portland. Like I just love how clean and classic and elegant their donuts are. Some of them are really bright, and it Just looks like they use fresh ingredients, fresh fruits and all that kind of stuff. So that is what i was kind of going for when I started baking.

The Ginger Snap, Matcha Donut

Matcha Sugar

20SA: How many different flavors of donuts have you created?
HE: I’d say maybe half of the ones that I have, some of them are just simple strawberry, blueberry. We are actually doing an exclusive flavor here at Paramour which hopefully will come out this weekend. It’s blackberry, mint and bourbon, which is one of their drinks. Chelsea, one of their baristas, helped me come up with that.

20SA: What kind of donuts can people get from you and where?
HE: Paramour has four flavors – sopapilla, chocolate caramel, blueberry and plain. Press has chocolate, plain, tres leches, and lemon poppy. But I offer 14 different flavors.

The Ginger Snap, Mangonada Donut


20SA: What are the most popular?
HE: Sopapilla is number one, just because it’s simple. It’s like a cinnamon sugar donut but it has a little hint of honey. And then probably peanut butter & jelly bacon, chocolate caramel always does well, and the fruit ones are big. I just started doing strawberry. And I’d say mangonada, of course.

20SA: What else do you enjoy baking?
HE: I have been doing cakes, which to be honest is not my forte. I never did cakes before this really for my profession, and it has been really fun. I like the tiered and decorating them, just trying to perfect them and they get better each and every time. I’m definitely more into the naked look or just with flowers or fruit. I think it’s really nice when it’s just simple and classic looking.

The Ginger Snap, Blueberry Donut


20SA: What advice would you give to an upcoming baker?
HE: Honestly, if you have the support, you are passionate – just do it. My husband is a big support system and a lot of my friends. I guess I was always trying to be creative and I have worked at some really great places, but you are working for someone and you can’t really do everything that you want to do. So if you have those ideas just brewing it’s worth a shot.

20SA: What’s your favorite food?
HE: Macaroni and cheese!

20SA: Favorite SA restaurant?
HE: I’m a big burger fan. I’d say if we were going to go for a burger it would be Longhorn Cafe.

You can find The Ginger Snap’s donuts at Paramour Bar  and Press Coffee! Let us know what flavor you want to try in the comments.