Creamistry Ice CreamWalking into Creamistry, located at 21134 281 N., was unlike walking into any other ice cream shop on the city. The sleek interior with pastel accent colors caught my eye at first, but then my attention was completely taken by the machines mixing and freezing the ice cream with liquid nitrogen. When we first saw the words liquid nitrogen ice cream, we didn’t know what to expect, but now we’re all for it!

Creamistry Ice Cream“Best coconut ice cream I’ve ever had. It’s usually very hard, but this is creamy.”

When we come to ice cream shops, the first thing Jacqueline looks for is if they have non-dairy options. Creamistry features ice cream bowls, nitroshakes, affogatos and nitrofloats with your choice of signature premium ice cream which is milk based, organic milk based ice cream, non-dairy sorbet or vegan coconut. After you choose your ice cream base, choose from infinite flavors including cereals – Cocoa Puffs and Fruity Pebbles – coffee flavors and the classics like cotton candy.

Creamistry Ice CreamNext up, the toppings and upgrades. I went simple this time around with organic Nutella ice cream, strawberries, chocolate chips, chocolate fudge and whipped cream in a chocolate bowl. Jacqueline topped her coconut based, vanilla bean ice cream with fruity pebbles in a waffle bowl. We’ll have to be back soon for the brownie bowl upgrade! We love brownies.

Creamistry Ice CreamCreamistry Creations are made up of decadent layers of fresh, frozen ice cream with toppings and sauces in a large cup. We tried the Elemint with chocolate mint ice cream and oreos! It was amazing.

Creamistry Ice Cream InteriorCreamistry’s grand opening is Saturday, June 18th and they will be serving free ice cream from noon to 3 as well as free t-shirts while they last! Unsure what to order? Customer favorites include Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and vanilla bean nitrofloats.