JazzTX Band For those of you who frequent the Pearl, you might have noticed the bottling district, which is JazzTX is soon to occupy. The addition could not be more perfect for the area and I’m sure others would agree that the music is welcomed with open arms. I was able to get a preview of the music, food, and drinks at a private venue, and can promise you that when it opens at the end of the summer, you will not be disappointed.

Whether you like sitting back and lounging while listening to music or being front and center on the dance floor, Jazz TX will be able to accommodate. They also will have music that varies from salsa and country to jazz and blues, so that everyone in town will be able to find a night that features the music they enjoy.
JazzTX Old Fashioned The drinks featured were a take on an old fashioned and a gimlet. The old fashioned has brown sugar, muddled basil, and peaches. The Gimlet was a dr. pepper reduction syrup, vodka, and lime, with black lava salt. These, along with a variety of other mixed drinks, wines, and beers, have been carefully selected by well known San Antonio bartender Jake Corney.
JazzTX brisket taco As for the food, it is great for that after dinner snack but also provides much more robust flavors than you would usually see in late night snacks. We were able to try the fried quail and a brisket taco with serrano cabbage and pimento crema. The items were envisioned by Chef Lorenzo Morales, who wanted the food available to feel like you were stepping into a Texas Hill Country grocery store with pickled veggies and jams.
JazzTX snacks The owner said, “we want great music, great food, great drinks, great furniture, a great atmosphere, and a great experience all around.” From the variety of music, drink, and food to the shoe shining station that will be set up, this is definitely a spot that will make you feel like you have traveled to a totally new place.