On Wednesday night my girl Jacqueline and I headed to Sushi Seven for a media night. Media nights are always exciting – you get to see all your friends and take never-ending amounts of pics for Instagram without one face of judgement looking your way. Oh, and all the food.

Sushi Seven, located at 19141 Stone Oak Pkwy, blends Japanese sushi with the spices of Latin America. The sushi restaurant, originally from Puebla, Mexico, prides themselves on focusing not only the taste of the food, but the balance of aroma, color and texture as well. The media night menu featured many courses and we have our favorites below.

I love jalapeños. I love spicy food. I love my eyes beginning to water from continuously pouring more hot sauce on to items that are naturally spiced. With this being said it’s no surprise that the Jalapeño Special at Sushi Seven made my top 3 dishes. The dish comes with two tempura fried jalapeños stuffed with crab and cream cheese and topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo. Since this was a family style setting, I limited myself to only three portions.

There’s a new sushi trend that I’m finally catching on to – fruit rolls. I used to quickly look past any menu that featured fruit with raw fish but after an exciting interaction with a mango roll earlier this year, I’ve become a fan. The Marilyn Monroll (clever, ay?) comes with shrimp tempura and massago wrapped with tuna, avocado and strawberries and topped off with spicy mayo and kiwi sauce. The sweetness of the strawberries and the texture of the tuna made for an uniquely impressive roll I will be ordering again. Fruit rolls also pair perfectly with fruit based cocktails.

Dessert at a sushi restaurant can be a hit or miss. Typically I only order dessert if I’m feeling like some tempura ice cream or if mochi is on the menu – which it rarely seems to be. Sushi Seven obliterated my negative perception on desserts at sushi restaurants by serving us a cheesecake roll. I truly had to hold myself back from devouring every piece of cheesecake roll on the plate. Oh don’t worry, I will be back for you, cheesecake roll.

Have you been to Sushi Seven in Stone Oak? Let us know in the comments below!