We get it – bearing the brunt of winter’s coldest (read: 50 degree) days is difficult when you put your North Face, scarf, and gloves on only to realize the high will be 80 later. It’s okay to stay indoors to avoid the icebox altogether, as long as you have some good reads to keep you warm.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our first January politics update: a briefing on the most awesome affairs in the Alamo City.

A Toast to New Beginnings
San Antonio has come a long way since its establishment in 1718. As we near our tri-centennial celebration next year, it’s important we appreciate the changes we have accomplished, and admire those to come. From tech to territory, let’s explore some big changes twenty-somethings can await in 2017.

Geekdom has quickly become a San Antonio-favorite in innovation in tech. We can expect to see their brand more often as their business plans expand. Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

Geekdom: The New Home of the Brave
The year is 2017 and technology has not slowed its advancement one bit. In response, the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is making sure they don’t sleep on the industry. To encourage activity in the tech sector, USAA has committed $60,000 to cover 50% of Geekdom membership fees for military veterans, active duty military, and military spouses.

Geekdom, a coworking space known to house various members of the tech industry, is located in downtown SA. USAA’s partnership with Geekdom is unique; it will help veterans and members of the military engage in STEM fields – major key.

The science, technology, engineering, and math fields are becoming increasingly important. STEMers will be the Beyoncés of the job market: fierce, powerful, and always prepared to slay. So it’s only appropriate we launch the country’s bravest individuals into the fastest growing industry in the world.

To our military veterans and members, we thank you for your service and encourage you to sign up for Geekdom.

San Antonio really did start from the bottom. From a small, simply planned town to the seventh largest city in the nation, this annexation plan is part of making not just the city, but the surrounding area even better. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia; San Antonio, Texas in 1886

Converse to the Rescue
In solving issues of city services, who knew Converse could be the answer? No, not the white low-tops you wear to dress down your outfits, but the city of Converse.

For years, northeastern neighborhood Camelot II has struggled to receive critical services like trash pickup and adequate police patrolling because it’s located outside the jurisdiction of both San Antonio and Converse.

But here comes Converse to the rescue; a recent annexation plan with San Antonio works to help Camelot residents by allowing Converse to acquire a large portion of IH-10’s East corridor, which includes the often forgotten neighborhood.

For its residents, this is HUGE. Sure, it’ll be a minute before the plan is enacted, but within a couple of years, those living in Camelot II will finally have something to yaaassss about.

The 2017 bond will ensure better use of buildings through mixed use development. Buildings constructed to house both residential and commercial areas radically improve the efficiency of our land usage. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia; Kirkland Vertical Mixed Use

2017 Bond: Bad and Boujee?
May 6, 2017 will be a historic day for San Antonio, and not because you’ll be recovering from your Star Wars Day or Cinco de Mayo outings.

The $850 million municipal bond will go before voters on the 6th of May, asking us to approve funding for the fixer-upper areas of San Antonio, which desperately need attention. In short, the bond will direct money to citywide projects like improving parks and recreation space, green areas, the Alamo, the Missions, and of course, our neighborhoods.

We know you didn’t read past the words $850 million. Those are stacks on stacks on stacks of cold hard cash the city is requesting, but it’s not a bad and boujee deal. We need it. After all, it’s us twenty-somethings that will get to see the city thrive.

We will clarify parts of the bond as the city is briefed, but make sure you don’t take an L in May and register to vote NOW!