As twenty-somethings, insurance is a word that tends to make us uneasy, worrisome and maybe even a little anxious. Jacqueline and I are slowly approaching our 26th year – the dreadful year that family insurance is no longer relevant. We decided to talk with Joel Gonzales, Agency Nationwide, an insurance and financial services company, to gain knowledge on the stressful subject.

“We approach insurance through education and explaining to people that everyone is different.” Judith, our associate agent from Nationwide, said.

“You can’t say everyone should get the same coverage. We create a custom fit according to individual needs and educate them. For example, a younger driver, lets say a college students, insurance needs are completely different than a business owner. We really strive to help people understand. Knowledge is power!”

I immediately felt a wave of relief flood over me when Judith began speaking of knowledge so heavily. The subject doesn’t seem so out there when you have facts to help you comprehend.

After chatting with Judith, I learned there are three main things automobile insurance can do for you:

1. Protection for any accident you cause
2. Protection for yourself to against drivers without insurance or hit and runs
3. Deductibles – if you do have an accident, how much will you pay?

After figuring out the basics, I wanted to know something that’s probably on many of our minds – how can we save money.

If you are going to school full-time, there’s a discount at Nationwide. Also, if you recently graduated or you belong to an alumni association or professional organization, you receive a discount with Nationwide. Whenever you talk with your insurance professional, make sure to mention these important details!

Also, the type of vehicle you have makes a huge difference. If you have a huge truck compared to a compact car, you can do a lot of damage and insurance is going to cost you more. Also, where you live in the city impacts your insurance because it is dependent on crime rates. Pro tip: If you’re getting ready to move, call and see how the address impacts your insurance.

Another pro tip: setting up automatic payments will save you money.

All right, you have some of the basics under your belt, now what? Get in contact with the Joel Gonzales Agency Nationwide through social media, or call 210-314-7514.

Still have questions? Leave a comment below and we will try our best to answer it for you!