Courtesy of HopdoddyThe popular burger bar, Hopdoddy, is finally opening in San Antonio this month at La Cantera Parkway at The Rim Shopping Center!  Known for its high-quality burgers, craft beers, and handspun shakes, all of SA will be hoppin’ (sorry, I had to) to this burger joint soon enough.

Hopdoddy Truffle FriesFunny name, but serious burgers. The “hop” in beer and “doddy” which is the nickname of a cow in Scotland is how the name Hopdoddy came about. All meats are ground in-house each day and fries and buns are hand cut and made fresh all day, every day.  They only serve the best, freshest, all-natural produce and humanely-raised beer that is never grown with hormones. Hododdy’s salads are made with organic greens and always from local farms when available. The dining area is centered around a full-service bar with a variety of local brews on tap. Its handcrafted cocktails are mixed with pure cane syrups, house-infused liqueurs, and fresh fruit juices.

If the burgers and fries aren’t enough to draw your attention, maybe the milkshakes will do the trick.  Hopdoddy has a variety of shakes from vanilla bean, to caramel and sea salt, to nutella and chocolate pretzel!

Courtesy of HopdoddyHopdoddy will be teaming up with San Antonio’s Spurs Sports & Entertainment Nonprofit, Silver & Black Give Back for its Goodnight for a Good Cause Burger program where with every Goodnight Burger sold, $1 will be donated towards the Spurs Sports & Entertainment Nonprofit, Silver & Black Give Back. Through Hopdoddy’s Goodnight Program, the restaurant has donated over $430,000 to charities across the country. Wow!

The San Antonio Hopdoddy is expected to open on April 25th. Come get your grub on with some stellar burgers, fries, and milkshakes and find out what all the hype about Hopdoddy is about!