11899892_897901600302966_9181590209643062438_oWhen we first began Twenty Something SA, Michael Cirlos, the passionate and very talented photojournalist behind Humans of San Antonio (HOSA), asked if he could take pictures of Jacqueline and I and hear our story about why we started Twenty Something SA. Throughout our chat at Rosella, we learned more about Cirlos and his goal with Humans of San Antonio. After three years, the social media project wants to become more – a book – and we need your help.


Photos by Michael Cirlos

Cirlos’s photography captures images of people in San Antonio, people on the streets of downtown San Antonio, in stores, at events, in their everyday lives – where they are the most vulnerable. Through the photographs, Cirlos is capable to telling San Antonio’s story, the story many people don’t take the time to listen to. Cirlos also captures the reality as it is experienced through one’s mere expression of resilience, strength, hope, tolerance, and perseverance.

12240474_939252412834551_8486037704672323298_o“The Humans of San Antonio book reflects our community and symbolizes the importance of family, friends, and neighbors. It promotes and encourages us to explore our cultural differences by showcasing the diversity that surrounds us,” Cirlos says.

a743276f72a45457b53c8e88b4bdaebf_originalThe HOSA book will be approximately 224 pages with more than 300 lively photographs that will cover the course of four years (2012 to 2016). HOSA has a Kickstarter and the goal is $10,000. The last day to donate and make this dream a reality is January 8th and pledges start at $2.00.

“Without the kindness and generosity of people like you, this project and book would not be possible.”

We truly hope the goal will be met so we can have this book placed in our office and everyone who enters can get an inside peek – a very personal – peek, at the lives of Humans in San Antonio.

Please visit the link below to learn more details.