Ocho signWithin the Hotel Havana along the San Antonio River Walk, is Ocho, a gorgeous, contemporary restaurant.

A narrow pathway makes up the restaurant, with a window for the rear wall and chandeliers glimmering in the sunlight. The seating ranges from small tables with blue chairs to couches with mirror tables topped with red roses in small, glass vases. If you’re lucky enough to come in while it’s relatively empty, grab a couch section. It will take your relaxation to the next level.

The architecture immediately catches your eye and the menu features Latin inspired dishes, one of which features tostones, twice fried plantains served with roasted tomato garlic aioli, pollo al smarten, pan-seared chicken, creamy piquillo and cilantro polenta, and, drumroll please, pollo tinga tortas! Within the decadent bread rests shredded chicken, topped with avocado, mixed greens and lemon aioli. Grab a couple napkins if you decide to take this baby on. Oh, and a side of spicy chips.

Ocho is a place where you can escape for a while, from whatever chaos was taking place that day. We felt the plethora  of windows must be the answer. You don’t feel enclosed at all for you are inside and out simultaneously. We even saw a couple birds during the meal, but these were cute birds, who didn’t try to steal your food. Very fairy tale esque.

During the hotter months in San Antonio (March-November), there’s a gorgeous patio with quaint, colored tables against vine cover buildings.


Ocho Interior  Ocho chandelier

Ocho table

Ocho stairway


Ocho fish tank