There’s a new coffee shop – home – on the West side of town serving homegrown, healthy dishes. Sabinas Coffee House, located at 2303 West Commerce St., features a healthy twist on Mexican staples. If you’re like me and are constantly craving your Guelita’s refried beans, Sabina’s breakfast will help ease the pain.

The decor within Sabina parallels a relaxed and cozy home. There are many nooks throughout the home and three dining areas on the first floor alone. I enjoyed the space with the vintage piano and chess set.

When researching Sabinas before heading there for a coffee date with myself I came across the description for the Goyo – a tostada topped with beans, sautéed kale, onions, mushrooms and an egg your way. Not only was the breakfast dish ridiculously photogenic in the natural light (which is abundant at Sabina) but very savory and tasty. I may need to recreate this dish at home however I know it will not compare to the house recipe!

Along with serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, wine and beer, Sabinas provides local artists with a safe haven. Check out its calendar for updates on music, poetry, art exhibits, book signings and more.

Have you been to Sabinas? Let us know what your favorite dish was!