I’ve been in lust with Lily’s Cookies since the day I came across the local bakery on McCullough Ave. From beautifully decorated holiday cookies to fresh homestyle baked cookies, Lily’s Cookies has satisfied all of our chocolate chip needs. With the October breeze in the air (in the late evening hours) and sounds of screams from the 13th Floor being heard throughout the city, I was inspired to eat tons of Halloween treats.

Lillys cookiesIs it ok to say I enjoyed the original designs more than I enjoyed chowing down? Don’t get me wrong, the taste of sugary goodness after a bit of milk has been splashed on is unbelievable, but positioning our edible models with cappuccinos and fall flower arrangements is what makes my heart happy. If you find inspiration from this post to take pics of your own Halloween goodies – please tag us! I would love to see your creations!

Lillys CookiesSadly in this day of age, giving out cookies at your door as Halloween treats may be frowned upon on October 31st, but surprising the office family or blood family with a plate of horrifyingly good desserts is always acceptable! Pick up your pumpkin, witch and black kitty cookies at Lily’s, located at 2716 McCullough Ave right next to Barbaro.