Green Vegetarian Cuisine ExteriorWe dined at Green Vegetarian Cuisine, located at the Pearl, this weekend and were introduced to delicious, vegetarian comfort cuisine. Walking into Green Vegetarian Cuisine, we were welcomed with friendly staff, bright colors and chalkboards lining the walls with drawings and names of famous vegetarians. We sat inside, but the large outdoor patio space at Green Vegetarian Cuisine had many people enjoying the cooler weather.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine Green BurgerWe ate at Green Vegetarian Cuisine during the lunch rush, and showed up with an appetite. Although the jalapeño cheddar burger is a crowd favorite, I had to go with the classic Green Burger and sweet potato fries. The Green Burger is made with a chickpea-veggie patty on a whole wheat bun, avocado, field greens and tomato. Alyssa ordered the Mediterranean Bowl, another popular menu item at Green Vegetarian Cuisine. The Mediterranean Bowl is so colorful, there is no question you are eating all the right things. Quinoa, kale salad, tzatziki, green olives, falafel patties, cucumbers, tomato, carrots, dolmas, and pecan hummus, all served up in a whole wheat tortilla. She was kind enough to share her falafel, which were so perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The kale salad was in a delicious vinaigrette and the the pecan hummus had a unique texture that paired perfectly with the whole wheat tortilla.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine Mediterranean BowlAfter this amazing lunch, we could not pass up the vegan cupcakes. The hardest part was having to choose between nine delicious flavors. From mimosa to hostess, the vegan cupcakes are a must try when visiting Green Vegetarian Cuisine.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine Cupcake

Green Vegetarian Cuisine has two locations in San Antonio, located at 200 E. Grayson Street, Suite 120 at the Pearl and 1003 NW Military, Suite 2115 at Alon.