Southtown’s newest resident will be cooling down our hot Texas summers with gourmet popsicles. Steel City Pops, originally from Alabama, will be moving into 812 S Alamo St. in early to mid June!

Steel City PopsWe checked out the future site of Steel City Pops and we’re happy to say the space is huge! There will be a kitchen with windows to take a peek at the popsicle making, a gorgeous patio outside, and a large counter for the dipping station. Don’t worry, we’ll get into that in a minute.

Steel City Pops features dairy based and water based popsicles. All the pops are made with 100% all natural and local ingredients. Anthony Bouldin, the vending and logistics manager for the San Antonio store, let us know that the company will be partnering will local farmers to produce over 200 flavors of popsicles!

Along with using local ingredients, Steel City Pops partners with Never Thirst – a water company that provides clean water wells in India and Africa. 100% of the proceeds from water sold at the Southtown shop will go to Never Thirst.

Steel City PopsDuring any given time, Steel City Pop’s menu will feature 20 to 30 fruity and creamy flavors, however there’s so much more you can do to your popsicle to make it uniquely yours. First is the dipping station. For an additional $1 you can dip your pop into a variety of different chocolates – all dairy free! You can take it a step further and top of the dip with additional toppings, drizzles and caramel.

While we were excited about the dipping station, Jacqueline and I got extra pumped when we heard about the dusts. Yes, you can dust your popsicle too! With flavors like sea salt, cayenne pepper, cocoa powder and nutmeg, you’ll never run out of combinations.

Steel City Pops is set to open in Southtown in early to mid June. Are you excited about this new gourmet popsicle shop? Let us know in the comments below!