Frank Hot Dog The first time Alyssa and walked into Frank, located at 1150 S. Alamo St., we were in hot dog heaven. We recently indulged in some of Frank’s artisan house made sausages and cocktails in the St. Francis Room.  

frank-3158I decided to go all out with the Creole Gator, smoked alligator sausage dressed with Tony Chachere’s popcorn crawfish, Crystal slaw, scallions, finished with Creole remoulade served on a Frank Bun. I wouldn’t have tried this delicious creation before we started the blog, but I’m glad I did. The Creole Gator is spicy so make sure you get some fries to snack on in between bites! Alyssa went with the Fico Anatra a smoked duck and pork sausage dressed with fig mostarda, crispy shallots and Pure Luck goat chevre served on a Frank Bun.

Frank CocktailAlyssa and I jump-started our afternoon with coffee and cocktails in the St. Francis room, the bar upstairs with beautiful stain glass windows preserved from the church the restaurant now resides in gives off a golden hue in the afternoon. I tried the Mezcal Rickey, made with mezcal, lime, honey and dry cider. Alyssa tried the Frank Crank to satisfy her need for a caffeine boost. This special blend cold brew toddy, scratch made chocolate ganache, vanilla syrup and milk is just what you need on a hot day.
Frank Coffee
Have you been to Frank? Let us know in the comments which hot dog is your favorite!