entranceFolc, pronounced folk, is bringing a new twist on American cuisine to Olmos Park. Since it’s grand opening in September 2014, Folc has been transforming the way San Antonioan’s brunch with unique takes on pancakes, french toast and burgers. During a late Sunday morning, I pulled into Folc and began an exciting culinary journey. I knew I was in the right place when the server said, “Is French pressed coffee ok?” Always a good sign.

Oh, brunch menus, how you have changed. Remember when it was eggs, ham, bacon and a side of pancakes? While a simple brunch menu may be up to par on some days, usually it’s not. Folc’s brunch menu features dishes that left my mind blank. Dutch baby? Biscuit sandwich with belly? Griddle cake? What exactly were we going to be eating?

Folc_poundcake2After looking over the menu a third time, I was delighted when I saw our server heading towards our table, French press in hand. After some dialogue was exchanged, we learned that a dutch baby is a pancake and a griddle cake is Folc’s take on French toast. Instead of using day old bread, Folc creates its French toast masterpiece with pound cake – thick slices of deliciously soft pound cake sprinkled with powdered sugar and modestly covered with preserves and ricotta. My mind was no longer blank as I promptly ordered the griddle cakes. Every bite of griddle was accompanied with a swig of coffee. Brunch will never be the same.

lambburgerlambopenHave you ever had a lamb burger for brunch? What about a lamb burger with an over easy egg in the middle? The lamb burger at Folc is served with ricotta, cucumber, red onion and an egg, and it’s absolutely delicious. Plus, it’s served with a side of fresh cut fries. In one sitting, you can order pancakes (dutch babies) or a juicy, lamb burger.This is what I truly loved about Folc’s brunch – the variety in its menu.

ParkSocialNext door to Folc is the craft cocktail bar pleasantly named Park Social. With a completely different atmosphere from the dining area, Park Social is dimly lit, with liquor bottles that reach the ceiling and a wooden bar with stools on one side facing a mirror. While the food and drinks are contemporary, the bar portion seemed to take you back in time, where beers were ordered in large jugs. During brunch, the Park Social area was closed off, but once we entered through the doorways we were greeted by a friendly bartender and the aroma of fresh cocktails being shaken.

Folc, an exciting new brunch spot in the beautiful Olmos Park area. We can’t wait to return for dinner which features crab legs with chili butter, peas, herbs and ricotta on toast, and a chicken liver parfait with berries and herbs. So many new flavors to be discovered!