Favor, Bakery Lorraine Spinach Goat Cheese SandwichWhile relaxing at home one calm afternoon, Jacqueline and I had a sudden craving for one of our favorite bakeries. During the process of deciding which one of us was going to drive, we had a sudden burst of happiness when we remembered Favor exists! Favor delivers anything in San Antonio – your favorite restaurant entrees, coffee, store products, absolutely anything – right to your door. We have code for $5 credit for you to use too!

Favor, Bakery Lorraine SandwichSome of my favorite Bakery Lorraine items were delivered right to my door. The Favor app showcases some popular restaurants and shops on the spotlight page, but you also have the option to order anything. Type in the store name, the items you need and you’ll be assigned a runner to fetch all your goods. A turkey sandwich, spinach with goat cheese sandwich, raspberry tart, hot green tea and vanilla latte were all delivered in 30 minutes!

Favor, Bakery Lorraine Raspberry TartOur runner, Gabby, was amazing. While the sandwiches and beverages were available at the touch of a button from the Bakery Lorraine menu, we had to manually input the tart. Gabby sent over a quick text with the different flavors of tarts available for that day. We chose raspberry and received a happy emoji in response. Once all the food was in hand, Favor alerted us that our food was on it’s way!

Favor, Bakery Lorraine Turkey SandwichWe’re all about treating yourself here at Twenty Something SA. Next time you’re craving some macarons, a coffee from your favorite local coffee shop or just in need of some essentials, try out Favor. If you haven’t downloaded the free Favor app yet, get onto the app store and download the blue button with cute bowtie. Use the magical code “20SA” to receive a $5 credit for new users!

Have you used Favor before? What’s your favorite place to order from?