Favor San AntonioHave you ever been lounging around your house or apartment daydreaming about delicious delicacies of San Antonio, but you don’t quite have the energy to drive anywhere? Yes? Well dear friends, we finally have a solution! Favor, an on demand delivery service, has arrived to San Antonio! Whether you want macaroons from Bakery Lorraine, a burger from the Cove, or some candy and a toothbrush from CVS, Favor will deliver your request right to your front door.

Favor San AntonioOn a Friday afternoon, Jacqueline and I were both logged onto our computers when the thought of lunch passed through our minds. With a to-do list pending, and perhaps a little bit of Friday laziness, we launched the Favor app on our phones and started scrolling through restaurants until we found one that struck us right in the stomach. Bird Bakery, Piranha Killer Sushi, Broadway 50 50 and every other restaurant or store in Favor’s delivery zone was up for grabs. We scrolled by Zoës Kitchen, clicked on the menu, and began the ordering process.

Once we added all our dishes to our delivery, we clicked next to enter our address and then credit card information. Afterwards, we were directed to a page that showed us a photo of our personal delivery assistant, or runner, as well as their phone number to call or text them if needed. Favor allows you to see everything that your runner is doing while you sit back and relax. Under the delivery assistant’s information, categories are checked off when your delivery is ordered, when your runner is “running” to the location, once your items have been picked up and when your delivery assistant is coming to your front door.

Favor San AntonioCurrently, Favor delivers from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday and has a specified delivery zone that you can find here. However, the future holds many amazing opportunities for Favor including a larger delivery zone! The average delivery time is around 35 minutes, but of course traffic, restaurant waits and other factors may add to the time. All orders will have a $5 fee plus 5% of the cost of the items and tip to the runner. One of our favorite aspects of favors? None of the prices are marked up!

With discover sections on Favor featuring breakfast, healthy options, essentials (dog food, milk, toothpaste?) and other popular categories, you can easily “run” your errands without leaving your home. Oh, how we love technology!