As a wine lover, I enjoy trying new wines and finding new places to sip on different flavors of fermented grapes. Recently my best friend and I visited Boerne Wine Company on South Main Street in Boerne, Texas.

Boerne Wine CompanyA quick trip from San Antonio, Boerne Wine Company is a wine lovers paradise. Visitors are able to self-serve a sample, half pour or full glass of over 30 wines on tap. The first step is filling up your card, then swiping at the wine vending machine of your choice.

The WandWhile I enjoy drinking wine, I have always stayed away from red wines as a precaution due to headaches. When I heard about The Wand by Pure Wine, it sounded like the answer to all my wine-drunken prayers. The Wand removes 95% of histamines and sulfite preservatives that can cause headaches, congestion and hangovers.

The WandAfter we dispensed our first glasses of wine at Boerne Wine Company, we put The Wand in our glass, gave it a swirl and waited patiently for about three minutes for it to do its magic. Once our wine was ready, there was a noticeably better in taste and aroma from the wine!

Let us know in the comments if you have been to Boerne Wine Company. And if you try The Wand by Pure Wine let us know what you think!