General Public Super Tuesday CocktailDon’t have any Super Tuesday plans? (We didn’t think so.) The General Public has you covered. 

Voting for the primary election is quickly coming to a close and the race is heating up!  Now that you have done your civic duty, celebrate at the General Public on March 1st with a toast to your presidential nominee of choice.

General Public Super Tuesday CocktailOn March 1st the General Public will be rolling out special cocktails for Super Tuesday named after each presidential nominee. (You can even pour one out for Jeb!) Votes will be cast based on drinks ordered and tallied in comparison to actual primary votes.

General Public Super Tuesday CocktailDrink a Hillarita frozen or on the rocks, or try the Booz Cruz punch. Choose your favorite liberal libation or conservative creation from 11 a.m. to close at the General Public on March 1st!

Which presidential nominee you are drinking to?