Clothing Display Every Tuesday and Saturday during the month of December, San Antonio featured numerous different shopping experiences downtown. OPEN: Downtown Pop up Shops transformed three vacant buildings into spectacular works of art. Every retailer created a unique atmosphere for their pop up and made downtown San Antonio a destination spot for shopping.
Clothes display From fantastic photography to water color paintings to fabulous fashion, OPEN gave San Antonio a glimpse of what could be- a living and breathing downtown overflowing with vitality and retailers who are passionate about what they sell. Houston St. had three retail spaces and the experience of walking to one store to another was thrilling. Here’s an idea of a day in downtown if the retail shops were permanent:

Casually you exit your car and start walking towards Sip to grab your morning latte. After you exit, you find yourself on a beautiful street, filled with happy people with one-of-a-kind shopping bags. You follow the shopping bags to store after store of extravagance and beauty. After browsing for a while, you call up your friends to meet you at your favorite, newly discovered restaurant, Ocho.

What a beautiful day! Ok, back to reality.

One of the most gorgeous pop up shops featured three separate retailers- Bonjour Biqui, Juniper and Ink and One Odd Button.

Bonjour Biqui, captured in the photographs above, was composed of beautifully painted art pieces, freshly painted skirts, crop tops, jean skirts and floral dresses that made you feel as though you were walking through the streets of Paris. Juniper Ink’s section had a delicate tree with branches holding earrings and necklaces, along with some perfectly written cards. One Odd Button featured children’s clothing. The designs were unlike anything you’d find at any established shop.

While all of items available for purchase were divine, the experience of walking down the streets of downtown San Antonio and being able to walk into three different retail shops was transcending.
Art display lounge areaPurse display in storeApron on mannequin in front of Christmas treesClothes and art display