Feelin’ out of the loop? Wishing your parents would tell you what’s happening in the world? Cue our December politics update – your place for a water-downed version of the most important local issues us twenty-somethings need to know.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Trump
After the mess of an election endured in November, we all need a little pick me up. Good news: at least San Antonio will get to redeem itself. Next May, city voters will cast ballots for multiple key races and referendums, from a housing bond to choosing our next Mayor.

Here Comes Oversight (Right Down Housing Lane)
San Antonians will have the option to approve or negate an $850 million bond in May. The moola comes out of our pockets – of course – but goes towards making the city’s buildings, roads, structure A-1.

One segment of the bond is to be used on the creation of affordable housing in various districts across the city. The bond was met by some serious trust issues from voters who thought they’d be kicked out of their houses.

Fear not. City Council has got you covered.

On Thursday, city council approved the creation of an oversight committee. Members of the committee are yet to be decided, but what they’ll do is be the controllers, that suggest (read: decide) how the housing portion of the bond money is used.

Better housing? Check. Using your money responsibly? Check.

San Antonio saw a mere 15% voter turnout during the city’s last elections. Keep up with what’ll be on the ballot to prepare to vote this May!

Deck the Halls with New Council Members
In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, City Council members have added to the buzz. Councilman Mike Gallagher of District 10 won’t be running for reelection in the spring. Neither will Councilman Joe Krier of District 9. Councilman Ray Lopez of District 6 is serving his fourth and final term. Not to mention, Councilman Alan Warrick of District 2 is defending his seat against attorney Cruz Shaw (explanation of this beef in another issue) and former Councilman Keith Toney.

So many names… So many numbers… but so much spring cleaning for San Antonio’s City Council.

Your council-member represents your every want and need, so if you feel property taxes are too high – talk to your council-member. Think we need more public transportation to get you to and from happy hour? Talk to your council-member. Love the thought of more art in your neighborhood? Talk to your council-member.

Get out there and learn their name: http://www.sanantonio.gov/Council/Find-My-Council-Member

Mayor Ivy Taylor has continued mayoral traditions like the Mayor’s Book Club, but has been criticized for leaning further right than her predecessor, Julian Castro.

It’s the Most Wonderful Election of the Year
No we aren’t electing Hillary Clinton anywhere – we’re voting for mayor! Current mayor Ivy Taylor has announced she will be seeking reelection in the spring, but is facing some serious competition from Councilman Ron Nirenberg of District 8.

Nirenberg kicked off his election on Saturday, December 10th. After being introduced by several lives of the ~political~ party and his wife Erika, Councilman Nirenberg addressed voters and more economic and educational opportunity, and new plans for transportation.

Nirenberg is expected to be joined by Councilman Rey Saldaña of District 4 in an attempt to dethrone Mayor Taylor.

For now, keep an eye out for new plans from every candidate. After all, this may be the person that decides what the city looks like for the rest of our twenty-something years.

Feel smart yet? You’re welcome.
Look out for our next politics update in January!