Local coffee shop favorite, CommonWealth Coffeehouse, recently opened in two hospitals in San Antonio. While the food + pastry menu was minimized to fit the smaller square footage, coffeehouse goers can expect the same exceptional quality of CommonWealth’s flagship shop off Broadway.

commonwealth-northeast-baptistWhen Mission Trail Baptist Hospital approached Jose Ramón, owner of CommonWealth Coffeehouse, to open a “CommonWealth Petit” inside the local hospital, he couldn’t say no.

“It was Mission first and then it became three different hospitals. We see the hospitals as markets that can definitely use quality coffee and French pastries. The hospital staff and administration themselves confirm that and we are very excited to be filling that void,” says Jose.

commonwealth-coffeehouse-baptist-hospitalWith Mission Trail and Northeast Baptist complete with their brand new coffeehouses, North Central Baptist is next on the list. While we hope no one ever has to be here under negative circumstances, we are thrilled that CommWealth is able to provide these facilities with amazing coffee, pastries and a little safe haven amongst the hospital rooms.

commonwealth-coffeehouse-mission-trailsIf you haven’t visited CommonWealth’s first shop, located at 118 Davis Ct., we suggest you make your way to the cozy coffeehouse immediately! Lounge in comfy interior or relax surrounded by lush greenery on the back patio. Oh and in other exciting CommonWealth news, two new shops are set to open in the Weston Centre and Hemisfair this year. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you updated!