Bird BakeryBird Bakery, located at 5912 Broadway, has been on our list of bakeries to visit since the launch of our website. The decor is rustic – chalkboards with inspirational messages adorn the walls as well as colorful tissue paper tied to yarn. Everything about Bird Bakery is charming, unique and soothing. As soon as you walk in, the air is filled with smells of baking and your eyes land on the array of cupcakes, brownies and cookies. Tough decisions lay ahead.

Bird BakeryBird BakeryBird Bakery CakesThe main room has one large table to the left side of the door and then multiple white tables that look as though they could be sitting on your best friend’s porch. The name is definitely played up with bird napkin holders and ‘B’ cups. In the second room, where you’ll find the sugar (raw sugar too), there’s a window looking into the kitchen where you can watch the beautiful cakes being iced. Two wooden bars rest against the window with stools for gazing out at the rain, or sunshine, depending on the day. The atmosphere is calm with only the light chatter of people around you. The music is also on point with classic, coffee house jams that energize you just to the point where you want to be productive.

Bird Bakery CoffeeBird Bakery CupcakeBird Bakery CupcakeBird Bakery CupcakeWe ordered two cupcakes – the luscious lemon cupcake and the nostalgic yellow cupcake. The luscious lemon cupcake bursted with flavor as soon as you took a bite. Perfect for the warm days ahead. The nostalgic yellow was, well, nostalgic. A classic cupcake that you can enjoy during any stage of your life. Other cupcake flavors included chocolate peanut butter, sea salt caramel, coconut candy bar, decadent chocolate, chocolate strawberry and many other delectable flavors. When I came up to pay, I was pleasantly surprised to learn each cupcake was a mere $3 – a rare price to find now days. Bird Bakery also features mini cupcakes for $1.95 each, perfect for when you want to try six different flavors at once, as well as gluten-free cupcakes.

Bird BakeryWe agree with this statement wholeheartedly. There should always be cakes involved during meetings, professional or personal, or at least mini cupcakes. Have you been to Bird Bakery before?