restaurantCapparelli’s, right at the intersection of Huebner and Babcock, is Italian cuisine at its finest in a relaxed atmosphere. The cheesiest pizza, meatball subs, chicken parmigiana, garlic bread with a side of marinara sauce (well, at least for me) and all the other amazing comfort foods of Italy. A wooden canopy with vines of grapes intertwined invites you to take a seat underneath, creating a gorgeous facade of Italy, especially with candles illuminating at night.

saladDon’t skip out on the salad at Capparelli’s. During my first visit, I took a bite of my friend’s salad and immediately ordered one for myself. Lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions and cheese perfectly covered in Italian dressing.

MeatballsubChickenParmThe menu at Capparelli’s contains all of the Italian favorites, but the meatball subs here reign supreme. If you’re having trouble deciding on a dish, go with the meatball sub, we promise you will not feel any disappointment. The chicken parmigiana sandwich is another fantastic choice, however on this specific Monday, I was craving pasta more than bread and ordered the chicken parmigiana – baked chicken with a side of spaghetti and tomato sauce sprinkled with red pepper flakes because I love a little bit of spice.

pizza1pizza2Now for this beautiful slab of culinary work – the pepperoni pizza. I have never seen so much cheese on one pizza. The cheesiest of cheese pizzas with pepperonis hidden underneath. This particular pizza is 16″ and could easily feed three, but there are also personal sized pizzas.

Capparelli’s service is always on point, and I have found it as a wonderful restaurant to visit whenever I’m craving Italian food. The location makes it ideal for anyone working or living in the Medical Center area. I know I’ll be back, probably in a couple weeks.

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