Chocolateka Chocolate FountainsChocolate fountains line the counter, chocolate covered apples catch the corner of your eye and a huge “Nutella” sign almost causes you to cry tears of happiness. This, my San Antonio friends, is Chocolateka.

chocolateka gummy bearsChocolateka candy covered appleschocolateka oreosOriginally from Laredo, Texas, Chocolateka’s newest location is at 18720 Stone Oak Parkway. Chocolateka is almost like a fantasy world, the Willy Wonka Factory perhaps, because the choices are endless. No judgement resides inside the walls of Chocolateka. If you want a large cup of chopped up strawberries covered in white chocolate, you got it! What about a chocolate covered Oreo with sprinkles? Yup, they have that too. Just check out the picture above! Oreos, apples, gummy bears, fruit, all covered in milk, white or Nutella chocolate.

ChocolatekaChocolateka Fruit CupWe’re aware that there are some people in this world that aren’t fond of chocolate; the taste merely doesn’t appeal to them. Well, Chocolateka is more than chocolate. Chamoy, lime and chili powder are three other main ingredients at Chocolateka. Alyssa ordered a fruit cup with pineapple, mango and strawberries that were drenched in red chamoy and from where I was standing, it looked like she really enjoyed herself. Besides chamoy covered fruit cups, Chocolateka can get a little crazy with it’s extra sour combinations. Here’s a few things you can order up:

– Fresh strawberries stuffed with pickles and wrapped in Sour Powers prepared with chamoy, lime, and chili
– Flamin’ Hot Cheetos loaded with Sour Powers, chopped pickles, chamoy, lime and chili
– Tamarindo apples topped with chopped pickles, sour powers, chamoy, lime and chili

If we go on any longer, we’ll have to abandon this post and return to Chocolateka.

Chocolateka InteriorChocolate and sour lovers can unite under one roof! Thank you Chocolateka, for a truly unique experience in San Antonio.

We want to know, what are you most excited to order at Chocolateka? Leave a comment below!