Springtime is around the corner and Paramour has released a new Spring cocktail menu just in time for the flowers to bloom.

The first drink on the new menu is a refreshing drink named ‘Missionary Reach.’ Made with vodka, mango balsam, cucumber, honey and grapefruit.

‘Just a Friend’ is my personal favorite on the new menu. Order this one the next time you’re on a tinder date and it is going south. This tasty drink is made with pineapple rum, Overproof rum, peach, grapefruit, pineapple and lime.

This next one is going to get the party started. ‘A Brand New Dance’ is made with made with a german herbal liqueur, peach lime and sparkling rose.

We ended the night with the ‘One Of Mahler!’ If you like scotch, this one is for you! is a blended scotch, Dolin blanc, Cocci Rosa, orange bitters, and Peychaud bitters.

If the new drinks weren’t enough Paramour rolled out three new toasts from the kitchen, and we are in love.

Have you tried Paramour’s new spring cocktail menu? Let us know in the comments!