SipSanAntonioDowntownLocated on Houston St. in the heart of downtown San Antonio rests Sip, an amazing espresso bar for all of your workday needs. A staple in the San Antonio community, Sip offers up beverages ranging from chai tea lattes to fruit smoothies. Brewed sips and squeezed sips, respectfully.

SipSanAntonioDowntown2When I started this blog, I came in with the mantra to try new things! And while I have been embarking on many new foodie adventures, the Middle Eastern salad at Sip has me in a lustful dance. At least once a week I order this amazing salad and treasure each and every bite of couscous, yogurt, tumeric, almonds, tomatoes and cucumbers. However, I politely asked my co-worker to point me in the direction of the sandwiches so I could step out of my Sip comfort zone and I’m proud to say that today I followed through and ordered the Italian.

SipSanAntonioThe Italian, pictured above, is a sandwich filled with copa, spicy salami, prosciutto, red peppers and cheese. If you close your eyes and bite into the Italian, it tastes just like a pizza. Amazing. I also ordered the jalapeno heat chips which were on point with its message of bringing on the heat. It took me three different sittings to complete the entire bag of spicy chips.

SipSanAntonio2One of the most popular menu items at Sip is the Sexy, a parker house roll overflowing with avocado, a fried egg and apple smoked bacon. Where is the house roll you may ask? The photo above is the Sexy in salad form, or wrap form, however you’d prefer to eat it. We enjoy the Sexy best in its original form, however, sometimes you have to switch up your lunch!

SipSanAntonio4eSipSanAntonio11eSipSanAntonio5SipSanAntonio8eSipSanAntonio13eWhether you work downtown or find yourself in the midst of downtown with a craving for an amazing salad or scrumptious sandwich, Sip will calm your hungry thoughts and bring peace to your downtown life!