Jacqueline and I drove to College Station this weekend to visit Cavalry Court, a new retro military design hotel. Nestled within one of College Station’s vibrant new communities, Century Square, the new vintage inspired boutique hotel took both of us by surprise.

When I read that the Cavalry Hotel was described as military chic, I had a few reservations. My first image featured uncomfortable beds and small (but productive) spaces. My mind completely changed after viewing a few photos online and I found myself reserving our stay within the day.

Oh yes, the beauty of a new hotel room. With navy green accents, a wooden sliding door and impeccable cleanliness, the Cavalry Court defined retro military chic decor. Along with the navy green couch with striped accent pillows, I especially enjoyed the silver SMEG Refrigerator stocked with all the drinks you needed for a weekend getaway.

The pool outside became my goto subject for photography. The glistening water and brand-new lounge chairs were tempting even in late January. Across from the pool was a mini campground with wooden chairs surrounding the fire pit. After a meal at The Canteen, Cavalry Court’s onsite restaurant, Jacqueline and I spent the rest of the evening relaxing by the fire. If there was one thing, just one thing I could do without at the Cavalry Court, it would be the country music playing in the common areas. It’s truly just a personal dilemma because although I am a born and raised Texan, I am not a fan of any country tunes.

The Canteen Bar and Grill continues to pay tribute to the early military design with copper bar stools, navy green chairs with painted white numbers and a large community table. The Canteen features live music every Friday and Saturday night and menu items including burgers, steaks and tacos. Cavalry Court is also home to the Tack Shack, a converted horse trailer turned food truck.

After the food, music and fire pit relaxation time, I fell asleep within seconds of hitting the Egyptian cotton sheets.

Mornings in hotels sit high on my list of happy experiences. I love waking up to the sunlight seeping through the curtains, the soft sounds of birds outside and the immediate and euphoric feeling of being on vacation. After lounging around in our pajamas for a bit, Jacqueline and I headed back the Canteen for breakfast – my favorite meal of the day. Cavalry Court offers a complimentary continental breakfast as well as a full menu. I’m happy to report that the coffee was absolutely delicious and the mug paired perfectly with restaurant decor. I ordered the banana and peanut butter pancakes, devoured the banana and peanut butter pancakes and then served myself more coffee. This was one of my versions of paradise. Oh, and Jacqueline ordered the huevos rancheros and they tasted authentic and spicy.

Next time you’re looking to escape for a weekend, we suggest considering College Station. Along with our gorgeous city, College Station is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. Jacqueline and I will definitely be making a trip back up to Cavalry Court in the summer to take advantage of the pool!