CantinaBrunch3When you think of a sports bar, your mind doesn’t usually envision mimosas and an amazing brunch menu, until now. Cantina Sports Bar and Grill, located at 6565 Babcock Rd., is featuring its first brunch on Sunday, September 13. A fried egg breakfast sandwich with Texas toast and micheladas topped with bacon? Bring it on, Cantina!

We’ve been frequenting Cantina for late night drinks and great music for a while now, but when we heard they were going to start serving food – and brunch! – we were ecstatic to taste what the chef was going to cook up.

CantinaBrunchFirst up, the breakfast sandwich. Two huge pieces of Texas toast with sausage, bacon and two fried eggs in the middle topped with spicy, jalapeño queso. Pair with a side of roasted herb potatoes and a michelada with some extra bacon and you’ll be good to go until late afternoon.

CantinaBrunch8For a classic brunch treat, order the banana French toast with pecan syrup and cinnamon butter. The golden brown bananas smothered in sweet syrup will cause all your problems to melt away.

CantinaBrunch9One of the main items I look for on any menu is a something healthy. I was thrilled to see a fruit parfait on the brunch menu at Cantina complete with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, greek yogurt, honey and granola. The gorgeous presentation in a martini glass will be perfect for snapping #brunch photos. We suggest only one mimosa at a time.

What’s brunch without tacos? Cantina will also be serving mini bacon and potato tacos topped with peppers and red salsa in a warm, corn tortilla. For only $6.50, we might find ourselves ordering seconds.

CantinaBrunch6Cantina’s brunch is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Featured drinks include micheladas, mimosas, watermelon margaritas and spicy Bloody Mary’s. We hope to see you there!