Botika at PearlIt’s happening, San Antonio. Our beloved Pearl is opening a Peruvian-Asian restaurant! Botika, led by Executive Chef Geronimo Lopez, is coming to Pearl this summer. We experienced the cuisine and let’s just say, we’re counting the days until the grand opening.

Botika at PearlHotel Emma hosted Chef Geroniomo Lopez in the Exhibition Kitchen and the Chef served up some of his favorite dishes that will be making an appearance at Botika. Shrimp shumai, salmon ceviche and a traditional noodle dish were laid out in beautiful, miniature servings. As we enjoyed the cuisine (we definitely had more than one serving), we chatted with Chef Geronimo Lopez about this new concept at Pearl.

Twenty Something SA: What’s the story behind Botika?
Chef Geroniomo Lopez: Botika is a very personal restaurant based on my life and the places I’ve traveled. I lived in Hawaii for many years and I’m originally from South America. I love Peruvian food and all the great chefs are looking south. I think it’s our time to bring this cuisine to Pearl.

20SA: Why Pearl?
CGL: Pearl chose me! I used to be the Instructor of Culinary Arts at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), San Antonio.

Botika at Pearl20SA: What dishes can we expect to see at Botika?
CGL: We’ll have a sushi bar, noodle and rice dishes which are typical for the region, and bento boxes (my heart stopped at this moment) which are a Hawaiian tradition. You’ll get to choose what goes into the compartments of the bento boxes (yeah, I’m on the ground).

20SA: What is the opening date?
CGL: We’re hoping the beginning of June.

20SA: Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
CGL: Be on the lookout for our lunch menu!

Botika at PearlAfter our talk, I had a sampling of my favorite dishes – the shrimp shumai, noodles and ceviche – and the featured dessert. I’ve never felt like I was eating on a cloud passing above the Earth and happily gazing and the humans below, but I felt this exact feeling when I took my first bite of the passion fruit custard with vanilla merengue and chocolate ganache. We will be refreshing Botika’s Facebook page on a daily basis until we see the opening date.

Are you excited about this new, culinary concept coming to Pearl? Let us know in the comments!