12805881_963003260451649_4191322207029408515_nIf you frequent Instagram like the Twenty Something SA team does numerous – numerous – times a day, you’ve probably seen the now infamous “I love tacos so much” wall art. When this image began trending, it inspired the “I love my Spurs” wall art and our feed was overflowing with exciting photos of groups of people snapping a photo and broadcasting their love for Spurs and tacos. We scoped out the hottest wall art in the city and our profile pictures will never be the same!

San Antonio Wall Art

Across from Viva Tacoland at 103 W. Grayson St., you’ll find the “I love tacos so much” wall art. The “you” is marked off because tacos never let you down!

San Antonio Wall ArtSan Antonio Wall ArtLooking to share your love for the Spurs in a San Antonio way? The “I love my Spurs!” wall art is located on 2202 Broadway. The beautiful message is spray painted on a garage door in a small shopping center and truly exudes happiness. When we stopped by, a group of people were gathered around taking turns snapping photos.

San Antonio Wall ArtKelsey Montague painted a gorgeous mural on E. Houston with the hashtag #WhatLiftsYou. The trees from the branches along the road cast beautiful shadows onto the wall art, located at approximately 224 E. Houston St. across from the Majestic Theatre.

The San Antonio spirit has never been so strong! Where’s your favorite wall art located?