bakeryloraine-0915Four days until Halloween! We can hardly believe the day we’ve been waiting for has almost arrived. With All Hallow’s Eve quickly approaching, bakeries and coffee shops all around San Antonio are showcasing its delicious, Halloween treats. Bakery Lorraine takes the pumpkin, monster macaron (pictured above) with its tasty, and photogenic, sweets.

bakeryloraine-8865We’re going to get right to our favorite and talk about the lemon mummy tarts. Not only is the edible design impressive, the taste causes your mouth to water and your mind to forget calories exist. Right next to the mummy we have a witch finger éclair with pistachio cream inside and a hard, chocolate nail.

bakeryloraine-0919Put a fork in this terrifying candy apple eyeball and reveal it’s delicious insides made up of caramel apple mousse with apple jam.

Bakery Lorraine also offers Halloween colored macarons, Phantom of the Opera cake and other seasonally inspired cakes!

What’s your favorite Halloween dessert?