BarbaroSurrounded by lush greenery and the unique, vintage houses of the Alamo Heights area rests a sign that reads Barbaro – or one of the best brunch locations in San Antonio. Barbaro, located at 2720 McCullough Ave., has an impressive brunch menu that will satisfy any cravings you may be having. From bacon pancakes to pepperoni pizza, you’ll leave Barbaro mentally planning your next trip back.

BarbaroBarbaroBarbaroBarbaroBarbaro has booths, high-top tables and more booths along the wall with accompanying chairs for parties of two. We took a seat by a window, table for two, and gazed upon the fully stocked bar, interesting art and pastries that caught your eye as soon as you walked in. The pastries that reassured us we were in the right place were from Bakery Lorraine. Ever since our visit to the charming bakery located inside Pearl, I’ve been dreaming about the homemade pop tarts. As soon as the waitress came by, I ordered coffee (which is espresso based) and a pop tart without hesitation. The crunchy outside and soft, strawberry jam inside paired with what can only be described as the best topping I’ve ever had, Bakery Lorraine’s pop tart reigns supreme on my list of favorite pastries for day or night.

Once I demolished the pop tart (I did share!) and my first espresso-coffee, I finally took time to look over the menu. Grits carbonara, kale frittatas, biscuits and bolognese?! I was astounded by every menu item I read over. Definitely not your typical brunch spot. Ironically, this was the one morning I had my heart set on pancakes and that’s when I saw it – skillet pancakes. Jacqueline assumed I was going to side with the seasonal fruit preserves, but I shocked her and myself when I ordered the skillet pancake with bacon, goat cheese and molasses.

Barbaro PancakeThe skillet pancake at Barbaro has been flashing through my mind for days now. The pancake was so thick and every bite included chunks of bacon. Goat cheese was on top of the pancake, as if it were whipped cream, only it wasn’t. It was goat cheese. I typically only enjoy pounds of goat cheese on my pizza, but goat cheese on pancakes is divine. I shall be back for you, bacon, goat cheese and molasses skillet pancake!

Barbaro PizzaBarbaro PizzaBelow the brunch menu was the build your own pizza category. Toppings include smoked mozzarella, pineapple, arugula, country ham and bacon. Jacqueline stuck to the classic pepperoni pizza and never looked back. Pizza and pancakes for brunch? We didn’t even know this was possible outside of our own kitchens!

Barbaro serves brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The dinner menu includes Barbaro’s house pizzas which have combinations like smoked mozzarella, country ham, hot sauce, red onion and cilantro. You can also create your own pizza.

Find new favorite brunch spot – done! Have you been to Barbaro? What did you indulge in?