San Antonio Food Truck ShowdownThis past Saturday, Alamo Beer Co celebrated its One Year Anniversary by hosting the First Annual Food Truck Showdown. Six food trucks competed for the people’s choice of the best around town. Hundreds of San Antonians gathered under the Hays Street Bridge as each truck battled to showcase their vision, flavors, and style all in one special sample.

San Antonio Food Truck ShowdownLines began to form at the front of all the food trucks full of hungry voters waiting anxiously to try each sample. Everyone voting in the Food Truck Showdown was given a golden coin to place in a jar after trying each sampled dish. Below are two food trucks that I personally was torn between voting for.

San Antonio Food Truck ShowdownRock On Wheels were serving their Double Trouble Waffle – “jalapeno cheese cornbread disguised as a waffle topped with homemade chili, sour cream, fresh cut scallions and cheese.” The dish itself was the best kind of mind trick. Since it’s a waffle, you’re expecting sweet. In this case, a sweet surprise of a deliciously crusted corn bread waffle, but this time it’s not syrup – it’s chili. Both a unique and mouthwatering Southern twist on a staple breakfast plate.

San Antonio Food Truck ShowdownNext we moved onto Rickshaw Stop. Their dish for the showdown was Nihari – “braised beef shank stewed 4 hours served over turmeric seasoned basmati rice topped with yogurt sauce.” I was sold. This was my personal favorite because it blended both a sweet and savory taste so well. The savory braised beef nestled on top of perfectly cooked basmati rice with a sweet tang of yogurt sauce had a wonderful balance. Also, where else can you grab some seriously appetizing Pakistani food on the go in San Antonio? For that, Rickshaw Stop won my vote for the competition.

San Antonio Food Truck Showdown

Photo courtesy of EgCollaborations

The winner for the First Annual Food Truck Showdown was awarded to The Box Street Social! For the showdown, Box Street served pulled pork sandwiches – “tender pork in a toasty poppy seed bun on a bed of sweet slaw, topped with chipotle BBQ sauce and house made pickled zucchini.” Each truck was a winner in my book. All of them were unique, delicious and kept me wanting more. It’s incredible that San Antonio continues to grow and surprise everyone with it’s culinary diversity. Keep an eye out next year for another showdown and check below for the participating food trucks and where to catch them next:

The Box Street Social

La Maceta Tapatios

Rickshaw Stop

Rock On Wheels


Teka Molino