The first time I wrote a love letter, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that my heart was heavy and I needed to write my feelings down. What started as a rant turned into a letter of encouragement and excitement for the unknown.

TheLoveLetterLibraryI was walking away from a six year teaching career with nothing more than a hopeful dream and fierce drive to follow my heart. I was nervous and uncertain about it all. Little did I know, that I was longing for something to grab my hand and open my heart. I was searching for the slow and steady pulse of love to be weaved into my too busy and my too guarded life. That first love letter would be the start of what I can only describe as an awakening. Instead of keeping the love letter in a journal or looking back on it for advice, I placed it in the world for someone else to find. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I was releasing these words of love to the universe KNOWING that whoever was meant to find them, would.

TheLoveLetterLibrary4From that point on, I shared my heart and my story on social media. I was posting my letters before I even had a name for my soon-to-be business. The Love Letter Library had a few thousand Instagram followers, and I was already shipping orders to people by the time it finally received its official name and website. In the span of 1.5 years, it has grown to over 15,000 Instagram followers, 16 different products, and has sales in every state as well as 11 different countries. The amount of love that has been grown from this tiny idea in my heart completely blows me away.

TheLoveLetterLibrary2Love letters have been and continue to be written and dropped by people from all over the world. You might stumble across one in a museum, a library, the park, an airport, the grocery store, or even your own mailbox. You can follow the love letter dropping fun by searching the hashtag: #StopDropandLoveLetter

I am told all the time by people that they actively look for dropped love letters. However, I think the best way to find one is to drop one. I believe that if you want to see and feel something present in the world, you have to show up in your life as it. If you want love, give love. It is our mission to keep love growing in our hearts, in our lives, and in the world around us. Join us. Let’s write together, and letter by letter we can cultivate a love letter revolution. Instead of passively watching the world burn, let’s create a space for love to set the world on fire.

LoveLetterLibrary3You can find more information about The Love Letter Library by visiting their website: and by following them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.