Last Tuesday I was feeling a bit uninspired. As I sat at my home office and sipped on my coffee, my computer screen stared back at me with the same apathetic look I must’ve had. My mind searched for happiness. What can I do today that will leave me feeling fulfilled when I crawl into bed later? Explore a new town.

dienger-boerneMy heart was happy as I pulled in the Dienger Trading Co. on Main Street in Boerne. The large, vintage building not only consisted of a bakery and bistro, but a boutique as well!

dienger-trading-co-boerne-2I began my day trip with a John Wayne which was two espressos topped with cream. I’ll admit that I didn’t finish the very caffeinated drink. I sipped on it as I devoured my spring salad complete with fresh strawberries, spinach, and goat cheese topped with Dienger’s chicken salad.

dienger-trading-co-boerne-flower-wallAfter ordering a new, less intense coffee beverage I walked around the Dienger boutique. Clothing, jewelry, baby clothes, home furnishings, and quirky knickknacks surrounded me. As I came up to the cash register I spotted the most glorious wall my eyes have ever seen. Flowers of all different shapes and colors aligned the front wall.

dienger-trading-co-boerneIf you find yourself falling in lust with these blooms, you can purchase them! At $25 each the entire wall is around one grand. Yup, maybe next time.

chloe-rose-boutique-boerne-2With my tres leches latte in hand I began walking down Main Street. I had no particular destination in mind – I didn’t even Instagram the shops around me. This made walking in Chloe Rose so much more amazing. The chic boutique featured all of the hottest trends for spring. I’m also a sucker for greenery and Chloe Rose was not lacking in that department. I walked out with a pale pink crop top that was priced at $20 and continued my way down Main.

boerne-riverStepping out of my comfort zone always leaves me feeling refreshed. I ended my day at River Road Park gazing upon the tranquil Cibolo Creek. The drive to Boerne is only about 15 minutes from Dominion Ridge and I know I will be making the trip again to shop, sip and find inner peace at the edge of the creek bed.

Have you spent an afternoon in Boerne yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!