Throughout the winding Texas highways hide majestic parks, canyons and mountains. Every year I make a conscious effort to take at least one road trip and throughout the years my list has grown – to five. Texas is a big state!

road-trips-pedernales-fallsRoad trip 1
Pedernales Falls
When embarking on your first road trip I suggest starting small and picking one destination to explore for a day or so. My first road trip in 2013 took me an hour and 28 minutes away to Pedernales Falls. The stunning state park consists of the Pedernales River flowing over and around huge slabs of limestone. You can easily spend hours wandering and swimming through the river.

Road trip 2
Big Bend
In July of 2014 (thanks Instagram!), my man-friend and I packed our bags and travelled west to Big Bend National Park. After an entertaining six hour drive we pulled into Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa, a cowboy inspired hotel between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park. Our days were spent at both Big Bend National and State Park. The main difference? Big Bend National Park is home to the Santa Elena Canyon, pictured above.

One of my most memorable experiences at Big Bend included “whitewater rafting” in the Rio Grande. I surround “whitewater rafting” with quotes because there were no rough waters – just a calm and serene river. I’m not sure if this service is still offered, but it was fun just floating amidst the trees.

road-trips-palo-duroRoad trip 3
Palo Duro
The pictures will improve, I promise!

Ah, Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Eight hours north of San Antonio lies the second largest canyon in the country. The rugged landscape can be explored by foot, mountain bike, car or horse. While the days were spent hiking, the nights were spent lounging on the canyon rim staring at billions of blinking, hypnotizing lights. My favorite part of the trip was staying in one of the three cabins on the canyon’s rim. The Sorenson Cabin came equipped with two fireplaces, an AC unit, a refrigerator and a coffee pot. Make sure to pack bread, meat, and tons of snacks for picnics!

Road trip 4
Gorman Falls
Now we’re back to the time of Canon.

Tucked away in the Colorado Bend State Park, just two hours and 45 minutes north of SA, is the awe-inspiring Gorman Falls. Once you arrive to Colorado Bend you’ll have an easy, 1.5 mile hike to the falls. If you choose to travel via I-10, you’ll pass straight through Boerne and Fredericksburg.

el-cosmico-road-tripRoad trip 5
Last Thanksgiving Jacqueline and I traveled to a destination that had been on our bucket list for years – Marfa, or more specifically, El Cosmico. The 21 -acre nomadic hotel and campground features unique accommodations including bohemian chic trailers, colorful yurts and safari tents complete with queen sized beds. We chose the teepee and spent many hours on the heated mattress with the fire pit raging in front of us. Oh, and Wifi speakers. Can’t forget those.

Marfa is a community for those who seek a hiatus from society, where walking to communal bathrooms shielded with greenery is the norm. The days were spent napping in hammocks, driving to Do Your Thing Coffee and exploring the limited, but appetizing, restaurants.

Now that spring is here and the roads are overflowing with endless opportunities and excitement, where are you going?