210ceviche-768-4During the past few months, I have driven by 210 Ceviche, right next to El Taco Tote by Wurzbach and I-10. I’ve always told myself, one day I shall go inside and enjoy some delicious Latin American and Mexican Pacific Coast culinary cuisine. This weekend as I drove by again, I finally parked my car near the entrance and sat down for one of the top 10 best seafood experiences of my life.

210Ceviche_chipsandsalsaWhile chips and salsa are expected at most Mexican restaurants, a tea cup with broth is not. I looked questionally at the cup before asking the waiter what it was. “Shrimp and crab broth from our soup,” he replied as I took the small cup into my hands. The seafood broth was tasty and while I considered ordering the Caldo del Captain – a savory fish soup with chunks of fish, chipotle, tomatoes and onions – I knew I was much too hungry for that.

210ceviche-768-3When dining at a restaurant that has a specific dish in it’s name, I usually opt for trying that dish. The Ceviche sampler was the best choice. Please refer to the picture above and the descriptions below!

Tres Islas – fresh shrimp citrus-cured in lime with diced tomatoes, spicy jalapenos, white onions, cucumbers and cilantro
Peruano – citrus-cured fish in chile Manzano, red onion, yams and Peruvian corn
Mar Rojo – lime and orange citrus-cured fish mixed with a rich beet puree, onions, jalapenos and cucumbers
Toreado – fresh diced ahi tuna lemon-cured and tossed with caramelized onions, jalapenos, a bit of soy sauce and some sesame seeds

Our favorite? The Tres Islas by far. The sampler also came with a side of saltine crackers and tostadas.

210ceviche-768On the menu we came across many dishes that featured poblano sauce and for some reason, we were both really craving that creamy, slightly spicy poblano sauce. The first dish was the Arroz 210 which was made up of 210 Ceviche’s house made arroz a la jardinera overflowing with fresh calamari, fish, shrimp and scallops all sautéed in poblano sauce. All of the seafood accompanied by the veggies and rice made for the ideal meal, and a go-to meal when dining at 210 Ceviche.

210ceviche-768-2The Culichi is a dish with either fish or shrimp pan seared and covered with creamy poblano sauce. I chose the shrimp, which was grilled to perfection. The dish also came with a side of rice and vegetables that I continued to cover with poblano sauce.

210ceviche 1jpg210 Ceviche, I apologize for neglecting such an amazing seafood restaurant for so long. The environment is relaxed and they have booths, high top tables, regular tables for larger parties as well as numerous seats at the bar. Next time I’m craving Mexican food and seafood, I know exactly where to go.

Have you been to 210 Ceviche? What was your favorite dish? Let us know in the comments!